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MONEY MATTERS 101 mission to  CHANGE A GENERATION by teaching youth ages 8-18 “smart money moves” and “financial fitness” to empower them for the future. When it comes to teaching kids about money, the sooner the better.

Long before most children can add or subtract, they become aware of the concept of money. Money Matters 101 uses short narratives and activities to teaches children age 8-18 the history of money, how to develop budgets and spending plans, rent vs. buy scenarios, buying on credit, how to read the stock market, getting their first job, and giving to charity.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dr. Danette O’Neal, LEED educator, HGTV alumna, entrepreneur, and trainer is the President of Danette O’Neal Realtors with offices in the Greater New Orleans and Atlanta Metro areas. She has spent 30 years in real estate sales, developing leadership trainings, teaching financial fitness, and consulting for nonprofit and small businesses. She stresses the importance of capability, celebrating new ideas, taking risks and collaborations. Dr. O’Neal holds a PhD in Public Policy and Administration, a Masters in Public Administration both from Walden University, and a M.A. in Community Economic Development from Southern New Hampshire University. She is a Professor and SME for Strayer and Realtor Universities in the Schools of Business, Real Estate & Public Administration. Her focus now is supporting growing organizations through executive and business coaching, strategic planning and the facilitation of a range of management-development programs. http://www.DanetteONeal.com


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